Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Grand Prelude!

I'm not sure if the title of this post makes any sense...I was going for something like "Grand Finale" but this isn't really a finale since the debut challenge is tomorrow.  But it is the last post in my series of prologues and introductions, hence the Grand Finale-esque title.  Am I just overthinking it?  I tend to do that... Oh well, moving on... (At least now you know what I was thinking just in case the title didn't make sense to you...moving on for real now...)

This next designer is no surprise, she was the first one announced and has been very vocal about sharing her excitement for the site.  But I figured that even though I don't get to "announce" her, she is absolutely worthy of an introduction.  BTW, she doesn't know I'm doing this...she thought I forgot how to count when I was telling you how many designers I had left to introduce...Lol, the jokes on her!  I only say that because she is so humble that I can only get away with posting this because she is sleeping right do I know?  I can hear her snoring!  That's right, if you haven't guessed it, our last designer is:
(just in case you don't know's ok - I'm her husband.  I can say things like this:)
So now I have somewhat of a dilemma.  I have put myself in an awkward position... On the one hand I know too much about Mercedes; I can easily get myself in trouble for saying the wrong thing (like how she has to stamp on her paper cutter on her lap because her crafting countertop is always buried in piles of craftastrophe - she probably wouldn't want me sharing that).  On the other hand, I don't want to sound biased; I need to represent her fairly and equally in relation to the other amazing ladies on the team.  Limit my opinions and subjective statements... (but in reality, Mercedes is the World's Greatest Stamper. Hands down. No bias. Just truth.). 
So basically, I don't want to risk boring you all by allowing this to just become a public Love Letter (but Sweetie, if you're reading this; just know that words cannot express how much I adore you and cherish the time that we spend together), but at the same time I had so many good things to say about the other ladies and I don't want to risk under-emphasizing the talent and qualities that Mercedes brings to the team (like the fact that she can use the Big Shot - Like A Boss!).
So what do I say?? Is it enough to say that she is a back-to-back Artisan Design Team Member?  Or that she is continuously and repeatedly contracted by SU! to design for their display boards at the Conventions?  Is it too much to say that she has had her work published countless times in magazines like Papercraft and that she was even chosen as a winner of their annual "Stampin' Royalty" contest?  Should I say that on top of all of her stamping abilities and commitments she is raising (and homeschooling) 3 gorgeous daughters?  
Ok, I guess that's enough.  She's starting to stir and if I don't publish this soon, she'll make me take it down and you won't be able to get to know her better.  Oh, Dang, here she comes..."no honey, its just Jake from State Farm.  He is helping us get a quote for a new policy...ok, sweetie, just go back to bed...I love you too..." Whew, that was a close one.  I better go now. 
Thanks for spending time with us over the last week or so and getting to know us a little better (or in some cases, maybe too much? Lol).  We are all so excited about the site and being able to share with you, inspire you, and provide a platform for you to share with others.  Challenges will be posted every Friday and you'll have about a week to play along.  Also keep an eye out for some monthly special events, Guest Designers, Guest Stars, prizes, giveaways, and spiders!  Always keep an eye out for spiders.  Not on our site, just in general.  Especially if you're in Australia.  Australian spiders are creepy. #randomfact
Ok, that's really it.  Next time I see you it will be for our challenge debut!  Very exciting stuff!!! Thanks for joining us, and I promise that I will keep it CAS next time. No more coffee on blog nights!!
p.s.  Mercedes doesn't really snore.  She's too perfect.