Monday, April 27, 2015

TGIFC Designers; Not Just International....INTERCONTINENTAL!!!

Thanks for joining us for another installment of introductions!  Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps “introduction” is the wrong word… these ladies need NO introduction, especially from lil’ old me, so I suppose “announcement” would be a more appropriate term. So…Thanks for joining us for our next installment of ANOUNCEMENTS!!
Inge joins us all the way from the Netherlands!  Beautiful art has no language limits or borders, and we are so blessed to be joined by this wonderful creator!  She is a lifelong papercrafter and her breadth of experience and eye for design definitely shows in her amazing work.  Her style is a combination of CAS and colorful, and I would strongly encourage you to visit her Pinterest page and her blog to see her work for yourself.  Just click on her photo above to check out her blog...If you're like me and you are not yet fluent in Dutch (I'm still working on it, je mucho danke) Google offers a very cool translation option so that you can share in a fairly accurate interpretation of her posts. 
Next, please join me in welcoming....
I actually do have 3 more designers to announce, but since we are getting closer and closer to our debut, I have decided to build up the anticipation and continue to tease. Not just that, but there is such an excitement brewing within our own team about these last few ladies that I will be announcing them one at a time, daily, until the grand inauguration on Friday May 1.
See you tomorrow! I can't wait!!  :-)