Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better....

By now I may be starting to sound like a broken record; "Amazing this..." "Talented that...." "She is totally awesome..." "I am thrilled about our team..."  But what else can I say when talking about this caliber of crafter??  Put yourself in my shoes; actually, just put yourself in the shoes of a 3 or 4 year old toddler going to Disneyland for the first time.  You walk up to Mickey Mouse and you can't believe he's really real!  But that's not all...Mickey turns to you and kneels down for a hug and starts talking to you by name!  That's right, he knows exactly who you are and he wants to be your friend!  If that wasn't enough, now he tells you that he wants you to meet somebody...and he brings out Elmo, Spiderman, Elsa, and Olaf, and they all tell you that they want to come to your house to play and be your friends, too!  Well being a part of this team is pretty much exactly like that.  Now take off those toddler's shoes before your feet start hurting...we have some serious business to get to.  Please welcome:
If you read my post about Teneale, I misspoke. Yes, Teneale is still your favorite Stamper's favorite Stamper...but your favorite Stamper actually has 2 favorite Stampers...and Kim is the other one.  When I was brainstorming for something to write about Kim, all  could come up with were terms like Legend and Royalty, so I thought that instead of giving you my opinion, I'll stick to the facts:
  1. Kim doesn't play Rock, Paper, Scissors...She plays Ink, Paper, Scissors and always wins.
  2. She doesn't own a paper cutter...She can just tear paper into perfectly straight edges.
  3. When Kim worked as a nurse, people would intentionally get injured just to be able to have her bandage them up and call it a "KVD Original Piece."
  4. Once Kimberly's Coastal Cabana inkpad dried up in the middle of a workshop...she just used Red, Yellow, and Blue reinkers to recreate the formula and refill her ink pad.
  5. She doesn't play along with cardmaking challenges...She just makes a card and the challenge plays along with her.
  6.  Kim invented Glimmer Paper when she sneezed into a handkerchief.
  7. Behind the scenes, the Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team is really just the Kimberly Van Diepen Fan Club.
  8. Kim started the Staple trend when she was making a card and ran out of adhesive, but she really wanted to keep her card together.
  9. Kimberly doesn't need a Big Shot...She just holds the die like a stamp and presses down on the paper.
  10. The first watercolored card was made when Kim accidentally spilled her drinking water in her craftroom.  She liked the result.
So there you are with a few rare pieces of trivia that you can use for small talk at your next workshop, Stamp n' Chat, or even the upcoming convention.  Just imagine how impressed your friends will be by your depth of knowledge!
We are only a few more days away from our debut challenge, but I still have one more Design Team post coming...Hope you come back to check it out in the next day or two!  This one will be near and dear to my heart ;-)
Thanks for joining us!