Monday, June 29, 2015

#TGIFCTD01 Finals! You Decide the Winner!!

After a successful launch with 30 entries, we are wrapping up our first Throwdown Challenge!  Here are the finalists:




 And announcing our final finalist, Maria (Congrats!)

That's right, the finalists have been selected and now it's your turn to select the Winner!!  

Below are the links to the 4 finalists.  Just click the heart icon in the corner of the picture of the card that you like best and let your voice be heard!  Sound's fun?  Go ahead, click away!!


  1. Oh I must be blind as I can't see any links ☺️

    1. Pauline, click on the heart on the pic you want to win to cast your vote x

    2. Thanks, Em. I added a line to the post so hopefully it's a little clearer now.

  2. Thanks for such a great challenge and congrats to all four finalists! I love that you've left it to us to choose the winner. It's so difficult to choose between them. Grin

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