Friday, December 15, 2017

#TGIFC138 It's Time to be Inspired!

Hello, TGIF Challenge friends! This week we chose to use Christmas Carols as our inspiration. We want to make sure first that we want everyone to be able to participate, so if you don't celebrate Christmas, PLEASE, choose a song from whatever holiday you might celebrate, or ANY SONG in general 

 Thank you to all of our participants from last week and congratulate our winner!!!!

Mary Deatherage

Let's see what our design team created when inspired by some of their favorite carols:

Of course, the beauty of a challenge site is that you not only get to see what the Designers have made but you also get to play along!

You can go and check out our Guideline page for complete details, but here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Deadline for entries will be at 10am PST on Thursday 12/21/17
  • Uploaded projects need to be direct linked to your blog, Facebook, or other on line gallery.
  • Please post the TGIF Challenge graphic on your blog and link back to our site
  • Your project MUST be new and inspired by our challenge parameters
  • When sharing your project publicly, please use this weeks hashtag- #TGIFC138
  • Winning project(s) will be posted on next week's challenge on Friday 12/22/17
  • Questions should be left in the comment section
  • Challengers can even post your cards on our FB page too!!  "Like us" while you're there :-)
 Now show us what you've got!


  1. Thanks so much, y'all, for selecting my card as the winner this week! What a lovely surprise this morning! :)

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