Throwdown Rules

Welcome the TGIF Challenges Throwdown!
You can read our introductory post HERE to get some background on this challenge.  And I do mean "Challenge"... 

The Basics:

In short, this is a "Chopped" style challenge, with every challenger having identical items to work with. There is a "Pantry" of basic tools and papercrafting supplies to draw from.   Every month, we will post a "Basket" of additional items.  You MUST use these items for your project. 

The Pantry:

 You are limited to the items in the pantry!!  If it's not there, then you can't use it! Basically, imagine that you grabbed all of these items (and only these items) and walked out of your into craft room into the next room over.  Now lock the door.  Now look down at what you're holding.  That's all you have to use.  And what you see is:
Now for those of you who are like me and are into the technicalities; YES you can have unlimited staples, NO you can't have any Big Shot dies (but you can have all of the hardware (the plates, etc.)), YES you can have water in your aquapainter, YES you can have drinks and snacks, YES you can have a cleaner for your stamps, a wastebasket, etc...  Also, I just noticed that the graphic is missing adhesive.  You can have adhesive.  Glue, snail, strip, Dimensionals...all are fine.  I'm sure somebody clever out there will think of something else, but I think you get the premise of the pantry.  If I missed something please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

The Basket:

Each month, we will post a list of items for you to use along with the items in your pantry.  We will tell you how many of the items we want to see you use. You may not necessarily need to use every item in the basket, but use at least a minimum number of items as per the post. We realize that everybody may not have all of the items, which is why you can choose which items to omit.  Unfortunately, there are no substitutions for this challenge, so if you don't have it, then you need to get it!  And if you really didn't have it, then you needed it to get it anyways, right?  So we're really just doing you a favor by giving you a reason to expand your stash.  #yourewelcome

The Challenge:

This will be a monthly challenge, meaning that the challenge will run for the month.  We will be introducing Designers' projects, Guest Designers, and other inspiration every Tuesday throughout the month.  We will also be selecting winners out of the entries each Tuesday.  So don't be afraid to enter multiple times through the month! During the last week of the month, that month's "Finalists" will be presented for the public to vote on a winner! The prize will be announced each month.

The goal:

Like every other challenge that we put on, we want this to be fun!  This is a challenge for those who may like more of a challenging challenge.  The basket is bound to get tricky, and maybe even frustrating...but hopefully in a good way!!  If we overlooked a scenario or you have ideas or thoughts for challenges or ingredients, drop me a line at